Thursday, April 1, 2010

Barber Dave!

I married the most talented man alive!!!
Not only does he cook the BEST mexican food EVER...
and Build AMAZING furniture...
He cuts hair too!!!

Not bad for his first womens hair cut! A line at that!
He's HIRED!!!

Mayli turns 5!!!


Megan, Stella, and Mayli

Yep...another BSU outfit!

5 Things I love about you!
1. Your love for the Broncos!
2. That you want to always be with me.
3. That you cuddle with me in the mornings!
4. You love the puppies!!
5. You have gone from being my being my buddy!

Our Bed!!!

I found my favorite blog ever!! Knock Off Wood! Ana does such a great
job of creating plans of expensive furniture...and helping us
recreate them for a fraction of the cost!
I can't wait to build more projects.

Here are the beginning stages of the process.
Jeff and Jake even got involved.

I LOVE this Man!!!

The headboard is put together!

And....HERE is the Masterpiece! I love how the bed turned out!! Thank you David!

What I have been up to

I really love collage! and I didn't realize how much ...until I was taking these pictures!
I use Mod Podge almost daily! I love the stuff!!!

This is my vision board for 2010.

This is the first collage I have ever done. And there is quite the story
that goes with it. Maybe someday I will share it.
But...then again...Maybe not.

I made this last night. I wish I would have made a dozen...
Cute gifts!

This is my first crochet project. Didn't turn out too bad!
Megan can make anything look cute though!

I also made this last night...I am such a last minute person.
I wanted this done for Mayli's birthday so....Luckily I have a great
friend who does vinyl...and she brought over the pieces
at 10:30 last night! Love ya M.C.!!!