Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is almost ours. I can feel it.
We have been waiting for this for a year and a half.
Its a great story actually....but not one I am ready to go into.
It involves a decision, a prayer, a miracle..and a young man.
My heart is always happy and warm when I think about it.

One Acre.
NO Neighbors.
Completely Surrounded by trees!
PEACE...QUIET...You can hear Nature!
Simple Pleasure!

And this is the view from our dining room table.

I don't think it could get more perfect.

But it does...

This is why our children have fallen in love
with the home.
There are Two tree swings...
There will be Two tree houses....
One for the boys.
One for the girls.
With a zip line connecting them.
With the old fashioned tin can "telephones"
or walkie talkies...whatever.
This is it! Today is the day!
I can feel it...
and it feels like HOME!