Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have had a lot of people asking what "Brave Girls Club" is all about. It is an AMAZING "life changing retreat for women". I was able to go as a staff member...and LOVED it!!!

Melody and her sister Kathy put together a wonderful retreat up in Crouch Idaho. The retreat went from Tuesday night, until Saturday morning. They put sooo much thought and effort into all of this and created a safe comfortable environment where everyone felt at home!

We were able to spend every day crafting, collaging, creating jewelery, and leaning new skills, techniques and more importantly....connecting with each other and creating lasting friendships. I LOVED IT!!!

Here is Jeanie writing an impromtu song about BG! There were SOOO many talented people there! Such beautiful voices!!!
Chelsea!!!!!! Love her!!!
She made the BEST food ever!
Everything was from scratch...served with love and a SMILE!!
Here is an example of the small, thoughtful details....
Everyone sent in pictures: of family, things that were important to them, etc.
Then...they were placed throughout the entire cabin...to create a home like feeling!
This is where we PLAYED!!!!

This is one of the projects I worked on. I will take pictures of the final products...
they are so meaningful and I can't wait to start mod podging Again!!!